3 Tips to Staying Fit, Healthy, & Productive

Working all day is not a good excuse for “letting go” and ignoring the idea of staying fit and healthy. The result of this norm is that there can be a lot of unhealthy people in the office setting. Cakes, cookies, chocolates, big lunches, happy hours, and donuts are the office norms – and not eating these almost makes one an outsider. In all actuality, the office setting can make it easier to stay in shape. Having scheduled work hours means that you can create a routine that gets you healthier each and every day. Choosing to make good choices leads by example and makes you that much more of an exceptional employee, moving the office in a positive direction.

These 9 tips are a combination of my time learning from nutritionists, trainers, various spinal specialists, as well as my own personal experience. It is specific to the time spent in the office. I also advocate a routine workout program, as well as a strong nutritional program beyond office walls. Positive activities and a few structured rules added between the “9 to 5” can lead to long-term health and fitness.

Tip #1 – Eat healthy, high protein, snacks at planned times

Two options are to pack what you want to eat each day or stock snacks at your desk. Personally, I keep a container of protein at my desk and a bag of almonds as staples – although I prefer to eat fresh food and will pack food each day when possible. The idea is to avoid grazing and snacking on unhealthy items. It also helps you look forward to a snack break between meals – and you totally will! Protein helps you feel full longer and avoids the energy crash of carbohydrates.

Sample Options:

i. Morning Snack Options – Fruit/Veggies and Protein

1. Small Apple and 20g Protein Shake

2. 1 cup of cottage cheese w/ pineapple

3. Veggies and a lean protein

ii. Afternoon Snack Options – Nuts/Fiber and Protein

1. 10 almonds and 20g Protein Shake

2. Greek yogurt with ½ oz walnuts

3. Veggies and a lean protein

Tip #2 – Plan then Prep your Protein or other Cook-able items


Cooking protein or other items that require the stove or oven ahead of time just requires you to add vegetables/condiments/ carbohydrates/healthy fats easily throughout the week. Buying 3lbs of frozen chicken to cook in the oven or steaming a large pot of lentils is simple and cost effective. Either option provides about 8-12 servings of protein-rich food that can be frozen or refrigerated then thawed and/or warmed throughout the week.


1.     Green Salad w/ Chicken and Olive Oil dressing

2.     Lean Ground beef on wheat tortilla w/ Veggies / Salsa / Greek Yogurt

3.     Lentils w/ Mushrooms / Sweet Potatoes / Broccoli 

Tip #3 – Make time each day to send appreciation


You MUST keep your mind healthy at work. If you want to be happy and positive at work, you must GIVE happiness and positivity. To do this, set aside 5 minutes each day to send appreciation notes. What is an appreciation note? A simple “thank you”, “you’re awesome”, “nice work.” These notes take about 30 seconds to write, but can make someone else’s day, week, or even year!

Not sure what to write? I always remember this quote “…people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.” That definitely takes the pressure off!

It does not always have to be a note – it can be an email, facebook post, handwritten note, verbal exchange… you name it. The takeaway – just write or say something*.

Good luck!

*If you are at your 5 minutes and not sure who to write – no need to always send a note, just think of the different people that I have helped you get to where you are today – the time spent in good thought will uplift you – promise.

Thank you for reading the 3 Tips to Staying Fit, Healthy and Productive! Gaining a mental and physical edge at the office can be established by solid habits consistently applied throughout your day.

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